They Say God Is A Blind Watchmaker

But this watchmaker is mad, not blind

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OOC, Oh The Irony
NAME: Gabriel Gray
SOURCE: Heroes
AGE: 18 (Ignore userpics plz :p)
ROLE: Student

AU BACKGROUND: Before coming to Xavier's, he's been homeless for a while. His mother was verbally and emotionally abusive, his father uninvolved. He also had no friends--all in all, the perfect recipe for creating a serial killer. When his powers kicked in, he attempted to take apart a school bully to find out what made him so mean. He didn't fully understand that he'd be killing him in the process--after all, he could always open up watches and fix them, and when he put them back together they were fine.

And at least partially, he succeeded. As it turned out, that bully would have had telekinesis, if he'd just lived a bit longer. And when Gabriel opened him up and looked inside, he got that power as well.

No one ever figured out what destroyed his house . . .

He's been wandering a while, but now he's found a place where they can help him. Where they can make the urges go away.

PERSONALITY: Insane. Completely insane. There are things man was not meant to know--and he knows all of them. He knows the sound of one hand clapping. He knows why the caged bird sings. He has killed the Buddha in the road, and he has seen that it is but three pounds of flax. He understands that Jesus was a Buddha, gold is worthless, and the answer may or may not be a fountain--unless it's 42. He knows that each man's morals are his own, that if you thank a man you're not a thief, and that enlightenment only lasts while you're enlightened.
He knows that other people are people, but a side effect of his powers is that he feels an urge to take them apart, and see how they work. And when the need is on him, he doesn't remember why it always seems to kill them.

He's a loner by necessity--if he's around other students for long, he can't help trying to 'study' or 'fix' them. On the other hand, when he has to be around people the more the better--if he has any targets, it's better for the hunger not to be able to focus on one. He's getting better about that, though!

He's trying not to become the sort of person he is in canon, but he still has to remind himself sometimes that people aren't machines, that if you take them apart and put them back together, they won't work right anymore.

 And with every new power, he gets a little crazier--he is, after all, warping his own DNA.

APPEARANCE: Brown hair. Brown eyes. Rather sinister expression, most of the time--his face seems designed to be creepy. So in other words just like canon Sylar, but younger.

POWERS: Intuitive aptitude--he know how things work, if they're broken or abnormal, and how to fix them. This makes him an expect mechanic and inventor, able to figure out any malfunction and improve any device. He is in fact, good at almost everything he does.

He can use this to copy powers, as well.

Unfortunately, he can't stand being around broken things, or things which workings aren't understood, without trying to fix or understand them. Including other mutants, and people who are ill or injured.

He is also:
Superaudiant, -olfactory and -tactile
A chameleon

(If that's too much power I'd be happy to tweak it, but he sould have at least two extra powers.)

ANYTHING ELSE?: He collects things that are broken--fixing them is his way of distracting himself from all the fascinating people.

He knows there's something very wrong with him, but he can't sense it any more than you can see your own eyes.

He probably shouldn't be around anyone who has flawed powers (like canon Scott, who can't turn his off) because he'll try to improve them.

He'd be a great mechanic, if he stabilized enough. He could probably make the mansion run better on half the electricity.

His most precious--read 'only'--possession from his old life is an antique watch that no longer works. He keeps it at the ame time as the Doomsday Clock of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists--currently, five minutes to midnight.

Nullifying, Draining, and Borrowing Powers
Combat (Logan's class)
International Relations

First-person sample: 
<Private, hackable>You know how they say curiosity killed the cat? Well, in my case it killed the cat, dissected it, studied the organs, cooked it, ate it, remembered that it was the neighbor's cat, tried to put it back together, and broke down sobbing when it didn't come alive again.

Oh well. What's life without a little risk?</private>

Um. Hello.

I'm Gabriel. It's . . . very nice to meet you all. So. Who are you, why are you here, and what's your . . . special talent?

Third-person sample: Sylar was sitting under a tree, playing with his watch. He was bored, and it was a nice feeling. To sit there and fix something, something that wasn't alive. Something that would still work after he's fixed it, instead of dying and leaving him feeling guilty and sick--and, horrifically, darkly excited.

So he sat there, not looking at the other students, not thinking about blood and brains and screaming and the hunger, just fixing his watch. Just being a confused child named Gabriel. Just being alive.

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