They Say God Is A Blind Watchmaker

But this watchmaker is mad, not blind

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Mad Thoughts
OOC, Oh The Irony
Lovecraft was right--there are things better left unknown. And I should know, for my talent is knowing.

I know that the sound of one hand clapping is silence. I know why the caged bird sings. I have killed the Buddha in the road, and I have seen that it is but three pounds of flax. I understand that Jesus was a Buddha, gold is worthless, and that the answer may or may not be a fountain--unless it's 42. I know that each man's morals are his own, than if you thank a man you're not a thief, and that enlightenment only lasts while you're enlightened.

I can tell you how everything works down past the quantum level, to the Lovecraftian level where nothing works. I've had to invent new words, wordless words, for the things I know.

Is it any wonder I've gone insane?


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